The Price Way:

Making the Jump – and Looking Before You Leap

Price is celebrating its 75th anniversary throughout 2024, and our commemoration of this milestone will dedicate special attention to the 13 tenets of the Price Way. Each post in this blog series explores one of these guiding principles, giving our blog readers a closer look at its meaning.

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Risk in Action

We are comfortable with the uncomfortable. Strategically balancing risk and uncertainty with opportunity and success is a necessary component of progress, and we are ready to undertake a new initiative in the name of customer service.

Essential to our risk-taking is having an optimistic mindset. Our team is equipped with the technical foundation needed to master new competencies and enter new market segments. This works for us because our optimism is checked by our prudence – we jump when it makes sense, and we always look before we leap.

Our successes are possible because of Price’s supportive culture. Our leaders form a safety net beneath their team members, bracing them through setbacks, because the greatest lessons come from facing adversity, getting knocked down and having the courage and support to get up again.

“Risk is the cornerstone of innovation in critical environments. Embracing risk means constantly pushing boundaries to deliver the safest and most efficient solutions to our clients. It’s about navigating uncertainty with optimism and cautiousness, ensuring that every leap we take is grounded in expertise and supported by our team’s commitment to excellence.”

– Kirstin Thibodeaux, Engineering Technical Sales
for Critical Environments
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