The Price Way: Service

The Cornerstone of the 13 Tenets

Price is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2024, and our year-long commemoration of this milestone will dedicate special attention to the 13 tenets of the Price Way. Each post in this blog series explores one of these guiding principles, giving our blog readers a closer look at its meaning.

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Service in Action

“A life of service is a life well lived.” When Gerry Price spoke these words, he was describing his vision not just of how individuals should aspire to act but of how a company should conduct itself in the business world. This principle of service would go on to form the cornerstone of the 13 tenets and the undercurrent of the Price Way.

Everything we do is about service; it influences how we do business, how we interact with our communities and how we move forward as an organization. We grow because we expand the areas we serve in.

At Price, service means having short lead times and being on time every time, providing quality, uniquely engineered products and offering expert support so that it’s easy for our customers to do business with us.

When we serve our customers better than our competitors do, focusing on our customers’ success rather than our own, our customers thrive, grow and ultimately dominate in their marketplaces – and so will we.

“Service is going above and beyond as a team to get the customer the best lead times and quality whilst growing a partnership. It means saying yes, making the unmakeable and doing what others cannot do.”

– Jake Morris, Value Stream Manager at Price’s Crestridge facility in Georgia
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