The Price Way:

Embracing an Unlimited Future

Price is celebrating its 75th anniversary throughout 2024, and our commemoration of this milestone will dedicate special attention to the 13 tenets of the Price Way. Each post in this blog series explores one of these guiding principles, giving our blog readers a closer look at its meaning.

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Innovation in Action

We never hesitate to proceed with a new business unit, investigate a new technology or learn a new skillset if doing so will better serve our customers. Our company’s accomplishments to date and capabilities going forward are derived from our continually acquiring knowledge and fortifying our technical foundation.

Innovation at Price is illustrated in many ways: in the continuous improvement initiatives at our factories, in the research at our laboratory and in our product development. We do not limit ourselves in the future by what we’ve been in the past.

With our industry evolving so rapidly, we could sit back with our already successful product catalog and watch as everything changes around us – but that’s not who we are. We are explorers, we are inventors, we are innovators, and we are the ones who push our business forward.

“Investing time and resources to develop products and systems is necessary to adapt to new challenges. At Price, we prioritize innovation by conducting research and sharing our technical expertise to optimize solutions for our customers. While it may not always be an overnight success, the knowledge gained by investigating new technology will always be worth the effort.”

Narayan Sridhar, Associate Product Manager for
Stratified Systems and VAV Diffusers
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